Friday, January 1, 2010


Yo blog-o-sphere!

Sorry about being MIA yesterday for day 99- I ended up getting really sick Wednesday night after I posted and spent the day yesterday dehydrated and recovering.  I was pretty intense, but I'm pretty much back to normal today (and eating a bit extra to make up for the 'lost' 48 hours ;)

Today was a character building 6.5 mile run.  The snow made it feel like running in sand.  Good thing that I stretch now! Ha.  Tonite, core and more stretching.  We are celebrating Christmas with our extended fam tomorrow in the middle of the state, then I will continue the drive downstate and back to reality.  I hate to leave up north after such a short time, but I am looking forward to alittle less rugged conditions and doing my long-ish run on pavement (fingers crossed!)

Nothing much else to report.  I'm way behind on my prep work for Monday when its back to teaching. blah.  Is break over already?

Stay warm everyone!

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  1. glad your feeling better. snow is definitely where the real runners are separated from the rest :)