Tuesday, January 5, 2010

94 - Circle swimming stinks

Yes, true story, I am a SLOW swimmer.  I used to have the luxury of swimming in the late afternoon, when only old people were in the pool and is wasn't crowded.  Now, I have to go after work with "normal" work people and swim lessons going on.  Not to mention the Y is crowded with the stupid Resolution people!  C'mon- give up already!

I actually had a really good run this morning, although it was a workout fail.  I intended to warm up to the base of a hill and then do hill repeats.  The run was going to be 8 miles.   Unfortunately, I underestimated the distance and got to the hill in 4 miles!  I didn't have extra time to run more, so I just took a really hilly route back (my home town is hilly and i'm a hill-wimp!)  My pace was great though, even though my legs were freezing cuz I wore 1/2 tights and it was 15 degrees.  But whatevs.  I hit up the pool as mentioned after work, getting lapped repeatedly while swimming until my pride and bladder forced me out of the pool.  Dinner, 30 minutes of core/strength and here I am!  I've prepped some stuff for my first "crock pot" meal tomorrow, so I'll let y'all know how that goes!

I'm watching the Biggest Loser right now, which I have mixed feelings about.  Perhaps I'll expound my opinions on that another time...

Off to find a snack!  Have a lovely day! :)


  1. I so hate circle swimming!!! Its impossible to have a good workout when you are constantly worrying about running someone over/being run over...not to mention the stupid people that stop on the wall right in the middle where you want to flip! Ok sorry for ranting on your page, haha but I share your pain! I hope the training is going well!

    Leah (kashiscrunchy)

  2. heh i'm totally watching BL too. and stupid resolutioners but i've been going to an average joes gym so it hasn't been too bad.

    youre lucky that you live in a hilly area, ive been having to rely on the tm for my hills