Wednesday, January 20, 2010

82- yay pelvis and swimming!

Tonite, I had my first swim class!  Sure, I swim alot (well, a few times a week) even when intensely running, but I signed up for this class just to get better technique and set aside time for swimming each week.  Now, since swimming will be my main form of exercise for a bit, I'm really glad I did!  The instructors were nice and it was a lot of fun.  Definetly have some things to work on in the pool on my own tomorrow.

Met up with an old friend/boss for lunch today too.  It was so fun, we talked at the table for 3 hours!  When I was leaving I thought "hmmm, I'm kind of hungry."  Come to find, we had eaten over 2 hours ago! (soup and salad for me, so not super filling.)  She is a really cool person and I'm glad we reconnected.  However, I missed my PT appointment so I will go tomorrow and Friday instead of today and Friday.  Another reason why I love my PT- they are so flexible and accomodating!  Annddd, after all of the work he did with me yesterday, my pelvis felt better than it has in two weeks today!  :) 

Well, I'm off to an early bed.  Working my cafe job at 6am today + swimming at 8pm tonite = tired Tmart.  Plus, I want to get up early to swim before going in to give more finals at school.  And, I want to beat the old lady aerobics class that hogs the pool!  Moral of the story = time for bed!

Have a good one everyone! :)

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  1. sounds like a long day! that swim class sounds awesome too. good technique will make you a more efficient swimmer and then you can get make benefits from the workouts :)