Monday, January 11, 2010

90- update

Hello out there!

Sooo, my update.  I still can walk only minimally, and luckily thanks to calling right away I got in to see my primary care doc this morning to get a referral.  She thinks that it is some sort of nerve damage because my left side is so weak.  She did some tests and basically my left leg had like 10% of the strength of my right.  Soooo, I got perscribed an "urgent" MRI which means this Thursday night.  Well, actually Friday morning at 1:30am!!! Yes, the middle of the night.  True story.  So basically I'm screwed until then, limping around and no running. :(  Yeah, I don't even want to talk about it.  But, atleast I can hopefully get some answers and some treatment from them.  We shall see.  Until then, everything is on hold....

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  1. that is really fast scheduling on the mri!! hopefully you get some answers from it