Wednesday, June 30, 2010

102 - ahhh summer

It is days like today that make me realize why I live in Michigan.  Why I put up with snow and ice and sub zero temps for most months out of the year.  Michigan summers are perfect.  Today was one of those days.  Sunny, breezy, and perfect for running. 

Started the day with an early 5 miler around the parents' house.  I overslept by like an hour (ha) so I was rushing.  Glad I got it in though- for me 'waking up' isn't totally complete without a run!  Rushed around, and got out of the parents' house with a few minutes to spare, so that I could get back to my apartment for my running meetup with Mike.  He showed up early which worked out because even though I was in the process of unpacking my car of the accumulation of crap from the last week, I abandoned the effort so we could get to running.  Lunch was planned for post-run and I was already hungry!  We chatted through a lovely 8 miles on one of my favorite routes.  Lots to talk about since we hadn't seen each other for almost 2 weeks!  Then, breakfast for lunch.  Mmmm, perfect.

Now for some reason my (pirated) internet at my apartment doesn't seem to be working so I'm blogging coffee shop style.  My "workweek" starts tomorrow with 3 days at the bakery.  I've had some time away, so I'm cool with going back.  The only problem is that it interferes with my running!  Looks like it will be an early one tomorrow morning.  Then, Mike and I have a chill-ish tempo planned for run club in the evening.  I'm hoping I can handle it!  My body is feeling the fatigue of upping my miles, but I'm trying to ride it out.  I got a new pair of shoes tonite to try tomorrow which always helps! :)

That's it from here.  Hope all is well out there blog-o-sphere! :) 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

103 - I got nothin

Lovely run this morning- 10 miles @ 6:30am + 10 x 100m striders.  This plan calls for striders, which were actually kind of tough post run.  It was nice having everything done before 8am though, because there was lots to do today.  I'm headed back to my apartment tomorrow.  I've sort of been nomadic the last week or so.  My apartment -> Chicago (my sis's place) -> up north house -> parents' house and now back to my apartment tomorrow.  I'm working Thursday - Saturday, then back up north.  My schedule is all over the place, but honestly I love it.  Tomorrow = 2 runs including one with Mike.  I haven't seen him in almost 2 weeks, so we should have lots to talk about! And, we are doing lunch afterward.  :)  Good runs and good friends are two of my favorite things!

During my run today I listened to "Joseph and the Amazing Techicolor Dreamcoat."  My parents' and I saw a community theater performance of it on Saturday, and I fell in love with the music again and put it on my ipod.  It was different than my usual metal/alternative stuff, but it was fun for a change!  I totally got lost in it, and forgot I was running!  Perfect for an easy run!  And, it ironically was almost the perfect length for a 10 miler.  Random highlight of the run was seeing an old guy running (this alone is a highlight as my parents' town has few runners compared to my town, especially at 6:30am) wearing a polo shirt that said "I <3 Bocchi".  Ha, awesomeness.

Ok, I'm off to do some core, then sleeps.  Hope everyone had a great day! :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

104 - CHICAGO!

104 days until...THE CHICAGO MARATHON! And training began.  Today.

I've actually been signed up for Chicago for a few months and am totally pumped.  Chicago was the sight of my first two marathons (2006 and 2007, 2007 was the 100 degree weather year!)  I took a few years off of Chicago, but I'm really excited to be going back this year.  My sis and bro-in-law live in Chicago (ie free lodging and my fav 'pit crew') so I'm beyond pumped.  Here's the cool part- the marathon is on October 10th, 2010.  Ie: 10/10/10.  I have run 8 marathons thus far.  Therefore, sometime this summer I will be running a 'chill' marathon so that for Chicago, it will be my 10th marathon on 10/10/10.  And it will be amazing.  I am for sure.

So today, with 15 weeks, I began TRAINING.  The last four weeks since Bayshore I have been 'running' as I mentioned.  For me, this meant ~60 miles per week with no workouts, all at about 8 min/pace or so.  For this training cycle, I am closely following my marathon 'bible' Advanced Marathoning.  I have pieced the schedules together in the past, but this time, I'm committing to following the 80-100 mile/week schedule as much as I can.  I have to shuffle a few weeks in the beginning because the schedules are for either 18 or 12 weeks (and I have 15).  So, this week will be 82 miles, with no speedwork to start, just to get my milage up. 

Today was 2 x 6 miles for a total of 12.  I did 6 up north this morning with my mom averaging 8:57 pace.  Then, after the drive back to my parents' house I did a flat and frisky (ha, lol) 6 miles averaging 7:35 pace.  I didn't mean to go that fast, but I've been running hills so much and was cooped up in the car for 5 hours, so I just went.  Felt pretty good.

To finish off this post, I'm going to post things that I am going to change for this training cycle:
- keep easy days EASY - I dont' have to do all of my runs 7:30-7:45 like I feel like I do
- long runs = QUALITY and ending faster than I start
- logging my runs everyday when they are fresh in my mind
- speedwork.  keep doing it.
- MP miles in the middle parts of mid-long runs, get really comfortable with MP

MMk, I think that's it!  I have tons more to say, but it'll have to wait for another day! 

Peace love and running! :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

And so it begins...

...tomorrow.  Stay tuned.  Blogging will be back daily (you know you missed me)!  And 'the plan' will be unveiled.  Let the good times roll!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Good things ahead

A (hopefully!) quick post because I've been cleaning allll day and need a break!

My Friday was totally fun, running-wise.  As I mentioned, I needed to visit the businesses connected to my bakery as part of my orientation.  My bakery is part of a 'community of businesses' that each operate independently, yet are connected by name and people.  So, I had to visit the Deli in downtown, the Roadhouse, and finally the Bakehouse (where I work!) that also contains our Creamery and Coffee Company.  Later, I found out I also needed to visit Mail Order which added another 3 mile round trip from the Bakehouse.  No biggie though, I got the whole circuit done in about 14 miles at a relaxed 8:04min/mile pace.  I left during the heat of the day, but that just made the XL fountain diet coke I purchased at the end of the route (McD's right by the Bakehouse) all the more delicious!  Don't hate on the diet coke.  It was delicious.  Much better than water.....

The most fun, was seeing all of the managers give me crazy looks at all of the locations!  Although everyone must 'visit' the locations, I was the first person ever to do it on foot apparently...go figure....At the service office they even gave me a "Tour de Food" T-shirt and tote bag!  (shirts are really big at my business, there is seriously a shirt for everything!)  Luckily, the service office was at the Bakehouse so I could stick it in my locker.  Overall, it was a fun day!  I had to change, then study for my 'final' test before taking the test and taking one last class to complete orientation.  Hello $0.50 /hour raise!  Orientation is supposed to take 60 days, but with my other job, it took me almost a year! I hate to think of the money I lost out on, but atleast it is done now!

Afterward, I had to wait for the bus to get home, because I wasn't going to change back into sweaty running clothes, and 14 miles was enough for me for the day.  Waiting for the bus + bus ride + switch bus downtown + another busride took almost 2 hours!  Longer than the run itself.  Lameee...And it was 6pm and I hadn't had lunch.  Lammme again.  Sticking a spoon in the PB jar upon entering my apartment never tasted so good!

Yesterday, I worked "Camp Bacon" at th bakery, which is basically a 'Street Fair" full of everything bacon!  Bacon-Apple Donuts, Bacon Bread, Bacon Cookies, Bacon Coffee cake- yeah, it's pretty nuts.  I was there for almost 12 hours- which is a good start for my 'raise'. lol. 

And today = packing and CLEANING.  and running.  It feels so good to have my apartment all clean!  My mom is actually staying with me tonite here so I had to do an extra special job!  We're 'road tripping' to Chicago to visit my sis tomorrow, when I get off work!  Originally is was just me going, but my mom decided to tag along.  I'm picking her up in a bit alongside the freeway as her and my dad are driving home from up north!  Craziness.  But it will be nice to see her, as it has been several weeks. 

Tomorrow morning I'm going to attempt to run to the Bakery!  Since my mom will be here all day and need my car to do stuff, I thought it might be fun to run to work!  It is about 8 miles if I go straight there, and I *should* have clean clothes in my locker to put on.  I figure if I leave at 4am I can get there with enough time to stop sweating, 'paper-towel shower' and change.  Then, my mom can pick me up after my shift and we will be off!

I'm really excited for the next few days.  I feel like my summer is FINALLY starting.  I'm done teaching, and have 6 days off from work.  I get to road trip to see my sis, then my mom and I are headed up north for a few days.  I'm so excited to just relax and not be thinking about work and everything.  Plus, mom + sis = good food for me!  Always a plus!

On the running front - one more 'slacker' week for me.  (ie 60-70 miles of 'unplanned running).  Legit training resumes a week from Monday.  I'm devising my plan and getting EXCITED! :)

So much for a short post....

I'm out!!                                                                                                                              

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good running, good people, good day

Today = good day. 

4am wasn't too bad to wakeup to.  I got a super easy 5 miles in at 7:58 pace around the streets before heading off to work.  It's difficult for me to go much faster than 8min pace at that time because a) I literally roll out of bed and go and b) its super dark and I don't want to fall!

I worked a short shift for a coworker today.  I've worked alot of bakery hours this week, which is good for the $$ especially cuz I'm barely working next week.  After coming home and crashing for a quick nap (that was over much too soon!) I had to go back to work to take an orientation class.  Ironically, although I've been working in the kitchen at the bakery for almost a year (and in restaurants for 8+ years) I had to take "Food Safety."  My workplace has all these classes that you must take in the first 2 months in order to get a raise.  Because of my teaching schedule, I've been unable to take most of the classes which means, no raise.  So, I've made it my mission to finish them this week!

Post-food safety was Thursday night run club.  Lots of people were there tonite and it was totally nice.  Mike and I went off on our own on a different loop.  We were totally cruising and I felt great for the first time in awhile.  We hit 7 miles @ 7:31 pace and I seriously felt like I could have ran a marathon at that pace.  (Which is my I guess that's a good thing!)  It was super-hot though and I was dressed in all black cotton which I don't recommend.  The run was a serious negative split too, with the last miles in the 7:20s.  Another thing I love about running with Mike!

Tomorrow is the first day in FOREVER that I don't have to work an early Friday bakery shift, and obviously I don't have to teach.  I have to go into the bakery in the afternoon for my last class and to take some tests.  But my morning is open!  I plan to do a run to all of the businesses that are apart of my bakery.  It is part of our training to visit each one (they are stationed around the city) and get signed off on a sheet.  I asked my manager if I could run to them, and he laughed, but said yes!  Should be a 10-15 mile round trip.  Talk about killing two birds with one stone! 

Should be a good day.  Hope everyone our there has a good one too!  I'm excited to sleeeep innnnn.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Non-running related happiness

Good evening!

I should be sleeping by now, considering my alarm will be going off at 4am for an early pre-work run but....I wanted to share some good non-running related news!

First, I'm OFFICIALLY done with my first year as a teacher!  Today I had to go back after my 6-2 shift at the bakery to 'checkout.'  I got all my grades and paperwork taken care of and I'm offically DONE.  Buttt, how it works at my school is after you turn everything in, they give you your 'contract' for next year.  I was already offered the opportunity to come back, but the contract is formal and specific (including $$$ offered.)  Sooo, I received mine today and I was offered FULL TIME for next year.  If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you may know that this year, I was what was considered '3/4 time'.  Meaning, I worked full days T/Th with gym + academic classes, and taught afternoon M/W/F (calculus, chemisty, physics, algebra.)  Then, usually 2 mornings a week + Saturday I did my bakery thang.  Well, I was offered 5 classes for next year, with only 3 preps + the phys ed.  Not to toot my own horn, but my director told me today that they really worked hard to get me more classes because I was so popular with the students!  That was seriously the best feeling ever.  My students 'say' they like me, but hearing it from the big boss lady that they had been spreading around how much they liked me felt AMAZING.  It made up for all of the times that I felt like going all corporal punishment on them!  JK...kind of.

Probably the coolest part about this, is not the fact that I will be making more money or anything like that (although I am pretty physched about the fact that I will be making more next year at teaching than I did at teaching + baking this year.)  The cool part for me comes from the circumstance.  You might not have heard, but Michigan's economy sucks.  Badly.  Teaching in Michigan?  Pretty much the worst career ever because of all of the cuts and layoffs.  I know very few people who graduated with me who got jobs in Michigan.  My classmates either moved south to find jobs, went to grad school, are subbing, or are working jobs outside the teaching field.  And I graduated from a large, well-known Univeristy.  With that said, I felt very fortunate to get this job.  Normally in the teaching field, new teachers are laid off at the end of the school year, and do not know if they will be hired back until meer days before school starts.  This makes for a summer of frantic job searching, which many times is unnecessary.  For me to be a first year teacher and already know that not only I have my job for the fall, but MORE classes at my job- epic.  I'm really happy about this.  Sure, it may not be the 'perfect' job forever, but I had a great year and am so grateful for my experience there.  I'm looking forward to next year already!

In the mean time, it's just me and the bakery!  My hours are hit or miss, but I'll be going up north alot, plus studying for some tests to get more certifications and make me more marketable for the future.  Not to mention tweaking and prepping for the upcoming school year.  And running.  Obviously.

Today was a short, but good run.  I did 16 miles yesterday at today I had literally less than 40 minutes to run at the end of the day after both jobs.  I thought about doing an easy 5, but my legs felt good so I pushed the pace alittle.  7:32, 7:19, 7:14, 7:10, 8ish cooldown mile.  Not fast enough for tempo, but it felt 'snappy?'  I think that's a good thing! 

Ok, enough of my rambling.  I hope this post doesn't come off as bragging- I just really wanted to share some good news about my 'real life' and show that I don't revolve COMPLETELY around running (just mostly!).  Looks like I have approximately 4 hours and 42 minutes before my alarm will be going off!  Yikes!

Monday, June 14, 2010

What do we do when we fall off the horse...

We get back on!

Did y'all think you could get rid of me that easy?  One bad race (well, in my case about 2 years of bad races!) and I would quit blogging?!  Naw....

Truth be told, I've just been super busy.  Finishing up my first year of teaching (including writing, giving, and grading final exams!), working more hours at the bakery, plus, of course running.  I only have one more 'checkout' day of teaching and then I'm free from one job for the summer!  Woo hooo!

The running has been...going.  I'm taking a break from 'training' for a few weeks here, but not 'running.'  I think of training as basically what I've been doing for most of the last year - having a plan and specific runs, and following through.  I'm not at all burned out of this type of running, but I just thought it would be a good time to mix it up for a few weeks.  I am running.  Not too crazy of milage, but once or twice a day (sometimes three! :) Those are the really good days!  I've been feeling pretty run-down lately, since the marathon so I'm going to try to get in to the docs soon to see what is up.  Running  has felt hard more days than easy, and I feel like I have to work much harder to get paces in the 7:40s even for short runs, which was easy pre-Bayshore. 

Anyway, enough of my rambling.  I just wanted to pop in a say 'hi!'  I'm actually off to meet Mike for a run in storm-like conditions.  Bummer, as I already got rained on on my 4am run this morning before work. 

And I'm off! :)