Saturday, January 16, 2010

86 days- FINALLY MY weekend and retail therapy

Well, I survived my 4am wakeup call, hour drive to work, 8 hour shift, and hour drive back.  Promptly showered and crashed in my big bed but woke up very soon after, thanks to all the coffee in my bladder that I drank on the drive home! Oh well, I decided instead to just go to bed early (ie after I type this and its 8pm!)  My one day weekend has officially started and I am looking forward to catching up on sleep and having a chill day tomorrow.

Unfortunately, my back/nerve situation has gotten worse.  Probably due to being on my feet for 8+ hours at work.  The pain is soooo deep in my low back/left butt cheek, if that makes sense?  I'm sooo bummed cuz I planned on attempting a run tomorrow, but I honestly don't know if that will be physically possible, it hurts so much!  I'm feeling very sad and frustrated right now which I think is being exasserbated by the fact that I am so tired.  Tired Tmart = emotional Tmart. 

How do we remedy this? RETAIL THERAPY!  I drove up to the outdoor mall and limped into Gap because my sis convinced me they had a good sale going on.  I ended up getting a pair of jeans, tank top, and long sleeve shirt for 28$ total!  Annnddd, the best part was that I didn't try anything on at the store (too lazy and in pain) and it all fits!  Funny part is, I hardly ever wear jeans (just sweats and work clothes and running clothes) but I have a small obsession with buying them, especially when they are a good deal.  Oh bother.

Ok, Ollie is dead asleep in my lap (too cute!)  I'm hoping to feel better physically and mentally in the morning after some good, long sleeps!

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  1. retail therapy is awesome. any news yet on the mri?