Thursday, January 14, 2010

87- sleepy and waiting....

I'm up late for me (ie past 10pm) as I am waiting to go to the hospital at 1:30am for my MRI.  I decided that trying to get to sleep, then having to wake up a couple hours later would be more painful than just staying awake.  Sooo, I decided to clean my apartment.  Decided to.  But then instead I worked on my running scrapbook while watching "My Sister's Keeper" (ie depressing-ness.)  So its now 10:50 and I feel like a little kid on New Year's Eve.  So sleepy, but I NEED to stay awake.  Perhaps I will put on some coffee....

Hope everyone out there had a great day!  I'm REALLY off to limp around and clean now! :)


  1. good luck on your mri!! i hope that the news is good and you will be up and running again soon!!

  2. good luck. i know the MRI is already done but i'm still sending good vibes your way!! hope you get some good news