Wednesday, January 27, 2010

75- the waiting game

The hardest part about being injured is the waiting.  I want to run soooo bad, especially now when things are feeling good.  But, I really want this behind me.  My PT advised me today that I should not be running yet, or else I risk being out for several more weeks.  As much as that bums me out, I trust him and he has helped me so much that I'm not going to doubt him now.  My patience will be rewarded.

I did a 'double' swimming today- good workout alone this morning, and swim class tonite.  The swim class is tough because we do lots of technique drills, but I hope it will help me to become a better swimmer.  Now I am cold and tired - the good kind of tired that only comes from swimming!  ahhh, sleep.  sounds good.

In other news, remember how much I loved being a teacher Monday?  Today, not so much.  My students were driving me up the wall and I felt so out of sink.  Tomorrow is a long and stressful day because of a few things that are going on.  Oh well.  Atleast nothing is planned after work so I'll finally have a chill evening.

Hope everyone out there had a good humpday!  We are over the hump!

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  1. bummer about still not being able to run but i think youre doing the right thing by listening to your PT.

    and swimming = exhaustion. youll sleep well tonight i bet :)