Thursday, January 28, 2010

74- success!

My stressful teaching situation today was successful!  Long day, but I'm happy to have it behind me. 

Short swim this morning.  My arms were shot after the 'double' yesterday.  I was telling myself when I was in the pool that it is my buff arms that are going to pull me up heartbreak hill!  Really hoping that's true...

Tomorrow is alittle crazy for me:

Wakey wakey at 4:45am
Bakery job 6am-10am
PT 10:15-11:00
Drive to work 11:00-11:45 (yes, my commute blows)
Teach (short day!) 12-2:15pm
Drive home 2:15-3:00
Doc appointment 3:30-?

Yikes!  The day should fly though, then I'm only one day from my 'weekend' (ie Sunday because I work M-Sat each week)

Wish me luck!

PS. Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with milk?  I'm like a baby that needs its bottle before bed- I cannot fall asleep without having a glass!  Takes the edge off my nightime hunger without making me feel overly full.  Ha, now I sound like an add on the Biggest Loser!  Laaammeee


  1. buff arms = crucial to me. i can feel a difference in how tired i am when my arms are in shape vs when they're not. weird for running but soooo true!

  2. I am recently very obsessed with almond milk, so I sort of understand your obsession (although the bottle... hmm!). :)