Thursday, January 21, 2010

81- quicky

Ok, quick tonite, cuz I'm just. plain. tired. and am going to bed immedietely after I hit "publish post" even though it is abotu 8:09pm.  I'm not above that.

Did an hour swim this morning.  Sort of did 'intervals' with it, although I'm sure people could not tell/would not consider what I did 'fast.' That's OK, the effort was there, and my arms were tired!  Gave my last set of finals to two of my classes that would not stop talking, and tomorrow I have the day off from both jobs!!! :)  Saw my PT this afternoon too, he was really impressed at the progress I've made and honestly, it has felt the best since I saw him Tuesday.  I think the stuff he is doing + swimming + staying off it (ie sitting all the time or crutches) are really helping!  I'm seeing him again tomorrow morning, just to stay on top of the inflammation, so that should be good.  It is so nice going there, it's such a small place and the people are so friendly, I'm always sad when it is over! 

Ok, really, off to bed for me.  Morale of today = good swim, finished giving finals, NO WORK OF ANY KIND TOMORROW (besides gradings...), PT is amazing

Nighty night!

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  1. you are going to be so strong when you get back on the streets! sure swimming =/= running but think of all the different muscles you're building to not fatigue during the last 10k of the marathon!! glad that youre improving and that PT is working :)