Friday, January 15, 2010

87- dragging

Yo yo!

It is 7:30 PM and I'm about ready for bed!  Looongggg day, and tomorrow will be long as well.  The 6th day of my 6 day workweek is always rough.

MRI went OK, I'm awaiting answers.  Unfortunately I only got 4hours of sleep last night, when I'm normally a 9-10 hour girl!  Then Physical Therapy started this morning, which wasn't very helpful.  Teaching, then I had to come home to my parents house as I am cat-sitting this weekend while they are in Florida (yeah, they got the good end of the deal!)  Ollie (the cat) is in my lap right now and is sooo super cute!  The bad news is that I still have to work my 2nd job tomorrow so I have to make the 1 hour drive back to where I live.  Sooo, I will be up at 4am tomorrow, working 6am-2pm, then driving the hour back to my parents house.  The good news is all of my finals are written and my prep work for next week should be minimal.  Sooo, Sunday will be filled with sleep, perhaps some shopping, and hopefully a run!?!?!

And, best news of all, my mom provided me with some "compensation" for my trouble.  ie: GROCERY MONEY! I'm so pumped to get some actual good food! :)  Thanks Mommy! :)  I'm old, but I still appreciate it!  Perhaps because my own fridge looks like this 99% of the time....

Ok, Ollie is pinning my arms down with his body!  Have a good night/Saturday everyone! :)

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  1. give PT some time. i always feel like it doesn't work at first but that it builds upon itself and after a few sessions my problmes begin to be relieved.

    woot for grocery $$. it makes my day when i get some from my mom too :)