Thursday, January 7, 2010

93- frustration! was quite the day.

Started off well enough.  Did my first treadmill workout at the Y.  6 miles with 4x800 at tempo pace of about 6:50/mile.  Then lifting and core at the Y.  The plan was for me to run another 6 miles with my fav Thursday night running club, but then the day went downhill....

From the Y, I drove to pick up my dad to go get my car from the shop (I've been driving a rental.)  I drove 45 minutes to his work, picked him up, then drove 45 minutes back to my home town to get my car.  Got my car, changed then drove 45 minutes back the same way to where I teach (very close to where my dad works.)  In the mean time, I discovered my dad had removed the faceplate from my CD player (which I think is because he didn't want them to steal it?) but moral of the story is = I can't turn on ANY music.  Let me make it clear that I have never been in my car alone without music in my whole 7 years of driving.  And I drive atleast 100 miles per day because of my job.  Awesome.  In the mean time, it had started to snow and everyone was driving slow (which is funny now compared to "slow" later!) and I was running late.  And my wiper fluid wouldn't squirt cuz I think the tank was frozen.  Got to work - barely - on time, taught, then went to get back on the road to go meet my running group.  I get out of work around 4:30, and we meet at 6, so usually I have time to drive the 45 minutes back and change and such.  The snow was falling hard at this point and people are SO RIDICULOUS!  This is Michigan- you would think that people would know how to drive in the snow!!!  No.  Fail.  It took me 1  hour to go 6 miles.  I was thinking "hmm, I could run alot faster than this!"  Needless to say, I missed run group.  I got home alittle before 7:30 ie: it took me almost 3 hours to drive the normally 45 minute drive.  Frustration to the max.  And I missed my run so my double will have to be pushed to tomorrow.  Did I mention I HATE SNOW!  Because I do.

Sorry for the rant.  I'm off to do my core/stretching to blow off some steam, then bed.  Early.

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  1. oh no! i need music too and was devastated when my cd player broke and had to rely 100% on the radio. and i totally hate the snow too.

    but at least you had a killer 800 repeat workout. way to rock it!!