Monday, January 25, 2010

77- i'm osmotic

I'm pretty sure that my body is osmotic ie I diffuse water through my skin.  Reason being, whenever I swim I always have to pee!  Even if it is early in the morning, and I haven't eaten or drank anything!  Today, I braved the sketchy pool-deck bathroom because I didn't want to cut my workout short and I was only 30 minutes in.  It was worth it though.  I had a great swim.  Today was my 7th day in a row of swimming and I am definetly feeling it.  Good ways= it is getting easier/I am feeling stronger/more toned in my upper body.  Bad way= my arms are shot!  They feel all tingly- even tonite!  I'm hoping to get the go-ahead from my PT tomorrow to attempt a run finally on Wednesday (fingers crossed!)

In other news, I must say that today I was totally into teaching.  Some day I question if I'm really a good teacher or if it is for me.  Today though, I loved it, loved my students (even when they were talking constantly) and just overall had a good feeling about it.  It is so cool to be in the working world after basically 23 years of school.  I know tomorrow I might think otherwise but for today, all is well.

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  1. you can always pee in the pool. urine is sterile and the chlorine would kill everything any way. gross but when you want to get that workout in... ;)

    glad you loved teaching today!! always good to find something youre passionate about