Friday, January 22, 2010

80- sleepy

Ugh, I dont' know what has gotten into me!  I'm sooo tired.  Despite getting 15 hours of sleep in the past 24 hours, I'm still ready for bed before 9pm.  Atleast tomorrow I don't have to work my normal Saturday 6am-2pm shift at the bakery because I can't do my job on crutches!  Which means I'll be sleeping as long as I like because the pool has lessons in it until 12pm anyways.

Speaking of the pool, my arms were so tired today!  My body is totally not used to using swimming as my main, hard, workout several days in a row!  When I'm running, I generally just do it a couple times a week for 30 or 40 minutes.  Now, I've been hitting the pool hard the last 4 days and I felt it!
Good PT visit again today.  My PT told me to 'hit the resting hard this weekend.' lol.  He told me to get some good movies and books and really stay off it and I should see some major improvements after the weekend!  I'm going to do what he says because a) he knows everything b) he has already helped me out so much and c) I have so much prep work to do for my classes!  Sooo, this weekend will be swimming and lots of rest for me, which works out because apparentely my body is craving sleep like crazy!

Off to bed......

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  1. youre probably so tired because of the increase in swimming. i remember when i was on the swim team i was ready to pass the heck out early every night. swimming takes a lot out of me (and likely you too)!

    and good for you for trusting your PT. fingers crossed for a HUGE improvement over the weekend :)