Monday, January 4, 2010

95- is winter over yet?

That is totally the question I asked myself this morning while driving to the doctor.  I decided that January 4th is probably the most depressing day of the year- holidays are just over, the weather is horrible, and there is no hope of it getting nicer anytime soon.  Plus, for me it is the realization that the school year is not even quite halfway over.  I love my students and all but ya know...

Luckily all was well at the knee doctor.  The PT and stretching is really helping and I'm happy that I have committed to it so hard core.  Today's run was a buzz kill.  It was super icy and I spent 5 'recovery' miles working my hip flexor to death!  I went up the gym for some strength training, and that was it.  Tonite, normal core and stretching.  A bigger workout was probably unpacking my car into my apartment on the second floor.  Atleast 10 trips later all of the clothes, food, gifts, etc were in and I only had to spend another hour tucking it all away.  Now I feel like I am "home" though.  I'm off to have a glass of milk and snooze.  I love going to bed early! :)

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  1. gosh i feel you. it's like "when is spring coming?!" glad that things are shaping up with the knee and i'm not looking forward to my workout of moving back into my room tmrw. gaaaahhh i just want to pay someone to do it for me heh