Friday, January 8, 2010

92 days- if it's not one thing, its another!

Sooo, advice time: anyone have any tips for getting rid of pinched nerves?  I've had one in my back shooting down my left side for a couple of days and it has escalated really badly today to the point where I can barely walk tonite (no second run today :( I'm getting really frustrated because of how bad it hurts to be on my feet/walk with the fact that I have to work my second job (completely on my feet) from 6am-2pm tomorrow. Help!

Today I awoke early ie 4:30am to snow covered everything.  I decided I couldn't do the TM two days in a row so I ran/shuffled through deep snow for three miles up the Y, did my 30 minute strength circuit, and shuffled the 3 miles back.  It was actually a really good workout and a good change of pace.  Tomorrow (hoping that my back FINALLY feels better) I may be going out to a race in the evening to run.  Saturdays are tough because I can't run before work (seeing as I would need to get up at about 3am) so it's nice to have a race with a group of people to look forward to.  Keep your fingers crossed that this nerve un-pinches itself!

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  1. oh no! that sounds sooo painful. i'd say go to the doctor asap. unfortunately you are one busy chica and i know how that is. no bueno. maybe you could try a heating pack?

    good luck tmrw if youre able to race. youre going to kick butt because youre so awesome :)