Sunday, January 3, 2010

96- back to the real world!

Only 96 more days!  Week 1 is already done!

First off, I'm fairly certain that I have an unnatural obsession with the show "Hoarders" on A&E.  Just wanted to put that out there...

Anyways, my hope for a fair-weather run this morning was dashed, when I awoke to sub-zero temps and wind chills of negative ten.  I'm all for hard-core running, but I'm not so pumped when frost bite becomes a possibility.  Sooo, luckily I had a treadmill option.  I ran 10 miles on the treadmill while watching teenage hockey players lift weights.  Interesting was the fact that they did more talking then lifting!  And, they came and left while I was running.  I kept the run a consistant pace and finished the last mile HARD.  It felt really good/sweaty and fun to run in a t-shirt and shorts for a change!  Since I was at the gym, I finished with a lifting session and stretching.  Did my nighly core/stretching just now and am about ready to eat some TCBY dinner (yeah, I'm that cool) and go to bed.  Tomorrow, it is back to my apartment and teaching and real life.  Already!?!?!

Weekly report:
41.5 miles
Strength training x 3 (which is good cuz 4 days I was up north with no access to a gym)
Core = every night but 1 (when I was sick :( )

As much a I like the high milage, I'm really pleased with starting low right now and building slowly.  I think that my legs and brain will thank me as I get into the more intense weeks of training and again at the starting line on April 19th!

Have a great monday everyone!  Back at it tomorrow....

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  1. i can't beleive that week one is over. well technically i haven't started training yet but shushhh haha. and yup i am the same way with the tm and love it when ppl come after me and leave before me :) and shorts + tshirt feel soooo good!