Sunday, January 31, 2010

71- need sleeps

I cannot believe it is Monday tomorrow already!  I guess that's what happens when you work all weekend- the week comes anyway!

Today was a good, long day.   I got to show my sis and bro-in-law my bakery in the early morning, then I drove to do my demo.  It was a long afternoon of giving out samples of Bacon Pecan Sandy Cookies and Rustic Italian Bread!  Just when my eyes were ready to close, it was time to pack up.  My parents met me at the market and got me a few choice groceries (ie pricey stuff like GF stuff and turkey.)  Then, linner with them and I was back on the road for an hour drive back to the bakery to drop stuff back off.  Atleast I got paid for all of my driving today!  The last couple hours I've been trying to get prep work done for the week, but fighting a losing battle with my eyelids.  Sooo, I think I will give up in favor of sleep.  Another 4:45am wakeup call tomorrow morning.  6am-12pm bakery job, 12-1 drive, 1-5 teaching, 5-6 driving, 6-8pm laundry mat.  Oh man.  Good times.

Pelvis is alittle iffy after being on my feet so much the last 3 days.  Must. Run. SOON>

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