Saturday, January 30, 2010

72- all according to plans!

I'm actually really happy that I made it through today, and it went how I planned!  Lots of times I plan out my day and then skip pieces or don't have time to do stuff.  Today went well.  Work was tougher than usual because the bakeshop is remodeling, so we are working out of the building next door.  Since I work in the kitchen and prepare foods for the shop, this involved me walking back and forth constantly, many times pushing my 'savory kitchen cart' with sandwiches and stuff on it.  Totally a pain, especially at 6am when its 5 degrees out!  Thankfully, the construction is only for a few more days, and then we will be back in the building and the shop will supposively have a better 'flow.'

Atleast my pelvis felt good doing all the walking/working an 8+ hour shift.  Swimming after was fine too, although I kept it short and wasnt' totally into it (soo sleepy.)  I managed to get prep work done, and clean my apartment, just through back a smoothie dinner while watching Billy Madison, and am now awaiting my sis and bro-in-laws' late arrival tonite.  I think tomorrow I'm going to take them to the bakeshop in the morning because I have to be back there to pick up supplies to drive an hour to the demo I'm doing.  Atleast tomorrow should be only about 6 hours of work between the demo and drive time.  Although it looks like laundry mat and groceries won't be happening like normal Sundays.  The good news is, I'm doing the demo in a grocery store close to my parents' house, so they are going to meet me there and take me out to linner (ie about 4pm.)  Maybe I can score some free groceries from the store out of it too?!?!? 

Alrighty, going to attempt to keep my eyes open a bit longer.  Have a good Sunday everyone! 

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  1. sounds like a productive day. glad the pelvis is feeling better. you get to run again soon right?

    and YES to free groceries. when i went home for a day last week i came back to school with soooooo much food haha