Friday, January 29, 2010

73- no weekend for you!

I always work a 6 day week with teaching and Saturdays at the bakery 6am-2pm, so Sunday is my whole 'weekend.'  However, I was asked today to work Sunday as well so I'm doing 4 bakery days in a row and no weekend.  Blah.  13 days of straight work (sometimes jobs x2 like today) is rough, but time sure does fly!  And money- oh yeah, I need it!  Sunday is actually pretty cool cuz I'm doing a product demo with some of our cookies/breads in a local upscale market.  I did one with our candy bars before and its lots of fun, giving out samples and talking it up with people.  Plus, they pay for gas and drive time- win!

Today was crazy busy as anticipated.  I even managed to be productive and get some prep work for teaching next week done, since I'm going to have such little time this weekend to do so.  Schedule tomorrow is as follows:

4:45am wakeup
6am-2pm bakery
2pm drive straight to Y and swim
3:30-?? drive straight to coffee shop, drink mass amounts of coffee and finish prep work!  (this is key, because if I come home after an early morning + swim, napping is inevitable...)
evening: clean apartment before sis and bro-in-law arrive
10pm ish: sis and bro-in-law!!!! :) :) :)

off to bed before the early wakeup call...
itching for a run- TUESDAY is the day PT perscribed- save the date!


  1. gahhh you have such a crazy schedule! i am impressed that you have time to breathe much less do everything life related :)

  2. I commend your ability to smile through the busy days. Have a wonderful time with your sister -- I know she's always a breath of fresh air for you!