Saturday, January 2, 2010


Ha, I really should get more creative with my blog titles...

This post is going to take me forever to type cuz my hands are still freezing long after my run because of not wearing the appropriate gloves.  Bummer.

This morning I woke up up-north to a complete white out.  Crazy lake effect snow.  Because we live out in the country and I didn't want to get hit by oncoming traffic (because obviously then I would be able to race Boston...) I couldn't run. Buttt, after a long day of driving halfway down-state, hanging with my extended family for "Christmas" and driving the rest of the way home, I still put in my 5 miler at 7pm.  This is a big deal because I'm a total morning runner, and the only time I run late is with groups.  Although it was colder than expected and dark, I was mostly on pavement so my pace was less of a crawl then yesterday.  I just finished up my core and stretching and am about to hit the showers- then my bed!  My nighttime core/stretching are sometimes a pain and time consuming, but I really am noticing a difference, even after being deligent for only a week.  My flexibility is increasing and my posture feels better on runs.  Also, I am not sore even after tough runs in deep snow.  I know my milage is super-low right now for me, but it is promising for the future as I increase!

"Long-ish" run tomorrow.  I'm hoping for good weather.  It will definitely be a late-morning run as I need to SLEEP IN!!!

Peace, Love, and Running,
(ha, that's for you sister!  who hates when I use my blog-name as a sign-off!)

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  1. ugh i feel you on cold hands. my fingers *always* go numb. enjoy sleeping in woot :)