Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is going to be short and sweet cuz I've been feeling kind of blah today.  Stomach/headache-y.  I'm hoping extra early sleep will cure all.

Today was an 8 miler around the lake up north.  It was dark and freezing and the roads were snow covered, but I felt pretty bad ass and I got to test out my new head lamp.  Good times.  Then, cafe workin from 9-5.  Good times as well.

Tonite, core and stretching and my favorite part of the night- foot soak.  I am determined to make my feet look less like hamburger and more like actual feet!

Hmm, I'd like to chat more, but I really just want to sleep off this stomach-y stuff!

Peace out,

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  1. feel better! nice work on the 8 miles in not-so-great conditions and i'm jealous of your foot pampering time. i sooo need to do that, my feet are pretty icky haha