Wednesday, January 6, 2010

93- skating or running?

That's what I asked myself on this morning's 11 mile run.  It was so slick out there and I picked my hilliest route!  The uphills were like running up a sanddune and the downhills were probably even slower because I had to focus on not-falling.  Although my pace was slow, I did it.  Midweek long run, in the books.  Unfortunately there was a big accident on my way home from work so it took me like 2x longer so I couldn't get to the gym for my planned strength training.  It is on tap for tomorrow instead now, along with some speedwork of some kind (fingers crossed!)

In other news, I have a delicious crockpot meal - my first - almost ready!  Basically is is just veggies, potatoes, turkey sausage, and spices in the pot with some wine and chicken broth.  Smells delicious, I will try to post pics tomorrow!

Peace out,

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  1. i sooooooo need a crockpot! great work on the midweek lr, running in slick conditions is always tricky