Sunday, January 24, 2010

78- awesome is...

Awesome is...
- having the 'greeter' at Meijer ask you if you want a ride-on cart when you walk in because you are on crutches..ummm, no thanks, i'm just here for stamps!
- the laundrymat at 6pm on a sunday.  i love it.  seriously.
- deciding to bring all of your crap with you when you go to the pool at 11am, so that you don't come back home and procrastinate.  good call t-mart.
- doing 3+ hours of prep work while being hiped up on coffee.  mmmm, productivity.
- still not knowing what you are going to teach your sophmores in chem tomorrow despite said prep work (calculus and physics focused)
- clean sheets.  does anyone not like them?
- sleeping with my window open cuz its 40 degrees out!
- milk.  i don't get people who don't like it or who need 'alternative milks.' skim.  3 ingredients.  pure and perfect as is.
- feeling ready for the week on a sunday night (besides said chem class).
- possibility of a run sometime soooon?? ;) that is the ultimate!


  1. awesomeness! woot to all of those things :)

  2. Nothing better than clean sheets!