Tuesday, January 19, 2010

83 days- good news, bad news

When someone asks you if you want the good news or the bad news first, does anyone actually ever choose hearing good first?? Just wondering...

Sooo, of course, bad news first.  I saw my old PT today and he was awesome.  He took almost 2 hours with me, stretching, flexing, moving me every which way to diagnose.  Basically he is fairly certain that I have a sprained sacroiliac joint (meaning my pelvis)  Since the inflammation is along the whole joint, it has been giving me trouble in my low low back and through my left butt (hah, that's the technical term ya' know).  He did some ultrasound, stim, and ice to reduce the inflammation which helped ALOT.  Tonite, it feels better than it has in two weeks.  Unfortunately, he thinks the more diligent I am and aggressive with staying off it, the better it will heal, so he wants me on crutches for a week or so just to REALLY reduce the inflammation.  Blah.  Teacher on crutches = hard.  But, I'm committed to doing this the right way to put this injury behind me, because basically he said if I half ass it, it will plague me throughout training.  So, I'll be seeing him 3x a week too.  He really is a great guy and I'm soo happy he saw me so fast and is treating me, because the person I saw last week was a total bust!  So I feel like atleast I'm on the right path.

Good news: swimming was good today!  I felt little to no pain, and I got the OK from my PT to hit the pool hard.  So, I'm going to be going crazy swimming for awhile.  Probably get in some longer swims and some 2 a days to keep some semblence of fitness.  Plus, if nothing else, maintain my sanity.  Not working out = depressed T-mart.  I need my endorphins!
Off to whip up a smoothie dinner and watch the Biggest Loser!

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  1. the bad news definitely has an up-side: you know what's wrong and have a plan to get better. glad you have a good PT

    enjoy TBL!! i wish i could watch it in real time but alas my school has taken away the tv in my dorm for break. why? who knows. but it's mean hah