Wednesday, January 13, 2010

88- nothing so report so i'll play 'beautiful blogger'

Since my life is so boring now, and I have no fun running stuff to report, I've decided to follow marathonmaiden's lead and do the 'beautiful blogger' thing!

Soo, 7 things that you always wanted to know about me but were afraid to ask... :)

1) I own my own "business".  It is called "T-Cakes" and I sell minature layer cakes at farmer's markets up north in the summer.  I hope to be in a position to do this as my only summer job at some point.  On that same note, my dream is to open my own bakery after attending culinary school and getting my business degree.

2) The Boston Marathon will be my 7th marathon.  I love the number 10.  I'm hoping to run Boston, Bayshore, and Charlevoix Marathons this spring making my total = 9.  I think it will be sooo amazing to run my 10th marathon next fall in Chicago on 10/10/10.  I'm completely banking on a PR on this day.  Nomatter that it is still like 8 months away.  It has been decided.

3) I am the ultimate home-body.  It's really bad.  99.99999% of the time I would rather be at home (mine or my parents) in my sweats, watching TV or messing around online than out anywhere in tiny, tight, uncomfortable clothes late at night.

4) If I am not at work or running I am wearing sweats.  I literally strip as I walk in my house.  True story.  You know you wanted to know.

5) I pretty much idolize my sister.  Not because I want to be her, or have her life, but because I really admire her personality and how she leads her life.

6) My mom bought me a "Artisan Stand Mixer" for my graduation present last spring.  I picked it out and its lime green.  I will have it forever.

7) I NEVER drive in my car alone without music on.  EVER.  I also have a small obsession with my Honda CR-V.  It has been through alot with me.  I am willing it with my mind never to die, even though it has almost 120,000 miles on it and is 10 years old.  We need to be together forever.

Wellll, I guess that's it!  I feel more beautiful already.....


  1. yay for beautiful bloggers :)

    that's sooooo cool that you own your own business! i have no business sense whatsoever so i'm jealous. good luck getting a bakery set up!! is this something youre working on right now or a "in the future" kind of thing?

  2. your number 3&4=exactly like mom thinks its ridiculous that i cannot stay in nice clothes after walking in the door...what can i say, i like to be comfy at home!
    alsooo i think its so awesome that you have your own business!