Saturday, July 31, 2010

71- market day + vacay

Ha, I made a title that rhymes!

Looong day today.  Got to work alittle after 5am, and didn't get back home till after 4pm.  Exhaustion led to a couple bowls of cereal, then passing out on the couch, only to realize by 6pm that I still had to get a run in...uggghh.  I really wasnt' feeling it, especially knowing I had to do my long run tomorrow morning.  But, Saturday is my easiest day and the thought of having a 'blank' in my training log pushed me out the door.  Plus, it was nice to run in the 'country' by my apartment.  All summer, I haven't been able to because I run too early (and stick to city streets), or run from the Bakery or other places with people.  6 cloudy miles at 7:57 pace, and I was back.  And happy.  But honestly, do you ever regret a run?

The market downtown was really fun.  Me and the guy I'm taking over for went down together.  We sold out of almost everything, which hasn't happened since the first market (when I worked!)  I like to think it is my sales skills, but it is probably just luck!  I was really tiring though- lots of set up and heavy lifting and moving product and such.  But such a nice change from being chained to the savory kitchen doing prep work all Saturday like I usually am.  Plus, more hours = more $$.

The cool news is I'M ON VACATION now.  I told my boss at the bakery that I needed a couple weeks off to get ready to teach, and thankfully she gave them too me.  I'm really behind and overwhelmed with my prep work and I feel like I never have a block of time to work because I'm always working or driving or running, and it is hard to do 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there.  Plus, I've worked since May 2009, pretty much without more than a couple days off so I really just want a mental breather to go into the teaching year refreshed and ready to go!  This means that I will hang out here tomorrow, then go up north for a week and a half!  I'm really excited to be up there for a block of time, rather than just 4 days in a row.  My mom and I have lots of fun things planned, and honestly, I am really looking forward to getting ready to teach.  And not having to get up at 4am for a couple weeks sounds pretty good.  So yeah.  I guess you could say I'm feeling pretty good right about now.  The market on August 14th will be my next work day.  Yessss indeedy.

Ok, early to bed = more sleep = long run time.  I'm off!

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  1. ugh sooooooooo jealous of your vacay! i need one wicked badly. but you deserve it so i can't be too jealous :)