Wednesday, July 14, 2010

88- what NOT to say.

So today I had a physical for the first time at a new doctor.  I've had some health problems in the past + I voiced a few concerns to the doc, so he ordered lots of blood tests, then said the nurse would be in in a few minutes to take blood.  Mind you it was about 1pm and I had been fasting since the previous night + ran 5 miles that morning (ie STARVING and woosy).  So, the nurse comes in and immediately holds up SEVEN empty viles and says with a smile "Hi, I'm here to take LOTS of blood from you!  Hope you don't have a history of fainting!"  Umm, yeah.  It seems as though in nursing school they should put that on the list of what NOT to say to patients!  Upon looking at my tiny veins and blood pressure, she decided to take me to the lab to have it done by a more seasoned nurse.  This turned out to be a good thing, because the previous nurse had no idea what she was doing, even to the point of not knowing that one of the viles wasn't supposed to be exposed to light.  Then, after they sucked me dry of my blood, these two nice women handed me a juice box and a cup and said "time for a urine sample!"  So I'm no doctor or nurse, but it seems like kind of a bad idea to take tons of blood from someone, then ask them to squat over a cup in a locked bathroom immediately after.....Don't worry I handled it like a champ though!  Waiting until 2pm in the day to eat....not so much.

However, this made it difficult to do my second run of the day with Mike.  As mentioned, I had done an easy 5 miler in the morning, and had 9 miles on tap with Mike.  My doc recommended no strenuous activity after all the blood, but 9 miles isn't all that strenuous, right?  Unfortunately, it was 90+ degrees at 5pm when we met up.  I had had limited time to eat/drink since the appointment.  Luckily, we did a loop around Mike's house that allowed us to stop back and drink about 5.5 miles in because I was feeling totally woosy and getting the chills.  Atleast we got it done.  At a 8:19 pace, which is slow for us, but considering the conditions I'm OK with it.

So, tomorrow I'm back to my crazy 3 day schedule of working.  Or should I say run + work + run.  Mike and I have an intimidating tempo planned for tomorrow at run club so I'm hydrating tons for the next 24 hours so I'll be prepared.  Tempos make me nervous!

Alright, well I'm back to being amish at my apartment (no internet, 2 channels of TV) so I think I'll head back for a quick swim before sleeps.  Early wakeups begin again tomorrow!


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