Sunday, July 18, 2010

84- 17 *ok* miles

*ok* refers to the fact that they were not great, but not horrid either.

At first, I felt great.  At 2 miles, I even entertained the idea of throwing in a few marathon-pace miles.  But that idea died fast.  At 8.5 miles, I finished looping around the first lake.  I swung by our house, and picked up my dad and we set off to run halfway around our lake.  At the halfway point, my mom met us in the car and her and I finished the loop.  Running parts with each of my parents' was nice, even though the pace was a wee bit slower.  I still value this time more than anything. 

The worst part about the run was the humidity.  Although it was 'cooler' being about 80 degrees and overcast, it was unbelievably humid.  At the halfway point, my shorts and shirt were soaked to the point where it looked as though I had went swimming.  It felt aweful having my shorts stuck to me so much like a wet garbage bag!  Not. Cool.

I don't know why, but I'm stressing a bit about running lately.  I've completed my 3rd week of training, and they just get more intense from here.  I feel like I'm having *some* good runs, but they are few and far between.  And my milage is up, but I've been consciously keeping my pace down which I thought would feel easier than it has been feeling.  I guess I want to feel my fitness increasing and I'm not.  I'm still struggling with alot of fatigue and aches and pains which I know aren't helped by the fact that I work on my feet a few days a week, ski, and hardly ever stretch.  I guess I'm just worried that with 12 weeks to go, things are 'clicking' yet. 

I went for a sunset swim this evening, which felt great.  My body was so sore laying on the floor watching TV with my parents that my mom suggested it and it was the perfect idea.  The cool water did wonders, as I'm hoping a good nights' sleep will too.  This week promises to be crazy running-wise as I look ahead to my schedule.  I only hope I can handle it and succeed.......

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