Monday, July 26, 2010

76- a summer day that slipped away

Seriously, where did today go?

I feel like it was such a good day, yet it went by sooo fast.  Running an easy 6 miler with my mom on our 'hill loop' this morning.  Reading outside.  Skiing the afternoon away.  Falling asleep on the couch with the breeze blowing off the lake.  Running 5 miles  (partly with my pops).  Eating burgers on the deck from our favorite take out place with my pops.  And now, watching trashy ABC family shows while blogging.  Yep, good day.

In running-related news, let it be noted that I felt NO effects from yesterday's marathon.  I say this, knowing that I'm usually the most sore on day #2.  But, the fact that I not only ran the day after a marathon (I usually take 2 or 3 days off) but ran 11 miles (6/5 split) was very encouraging.  I ate a burger tonite, just in case, to top off my iron  So. good.  I'm really hoping to still feel good tomorrow and keeping training hard.(er)

I'm also in the middle of "Born to Run" which I admit I didn't like at all at first.  It was slow to start for me and I waited to really get going on it.  Now, I'm obsessed.  I like the story and the stuff in the book.  Although I'm not totally convinced on the whole "run barefoot through the mountains for 100 miles at a time" the book does have some good points.  And it has made me rethink my own running/style/reasons/form.  And, I kind of do want to try running barefoot through a corn field or something when I'm reading it!

Oh!  And tomorrow will be glorious!  Not only can I FINALLY sleep in after lots of early wakeups, but I have a 'me' day planned.  Going into town to run along the bay, swimming immediately after at the beach, my coop for lunch (plus bringing my prep work along...), and getting Turkey Jerky from my favorite market in town.  Yessss, good times ahead.

Happy days everyone! :)

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  1. i'm sooooooooo jealous of you lack of post-marathon soreness. granted i've run very few marathons but you are a champ for doing a marathon in a 100 mile week and then banging out a great 6.

    glad you had a great day too! i love being able to sit outside and read. happens too infrequently for us busy chicas. yay for getting to enjoy it :)