Monday, July 19, 2010

83- new carpet smell

So random fact about me: I love the smell of very extreme (probably hazadous) things.  Examples: paint, gasoline, new shoes, rubber, plastic, and most of all NEW CARPET.  The gym in my apartment recently got new rubber tile floor and I swear that I go there 90% of the time just to smell it!  And I breath in really deeply when I walk through to go to the pool.  On a related note, my parents just got new carpet in their room and I love it.  I'm watching TV in their room right now, just to smell it.  Probably killing brain cells but SO worth it!

With that randomness aside.....

Today was a normal Monday recovery day with a 6/5 split.  I did my morning run fairly slow with my mom around the next door lake.  It was fun though, chatting it up the whole way.  Sometimes my mom and I 'save' conversation for when we run together.  I also like it because my mom likes me to talk to keep the focus off running, so she pretty much will let me ramble about anything.  If we were just at home or something, she would probably walk out of the room, lol.

The afternoon was great.  Perfect temperature and wind level to hang out on the boat for a couple of hours and let the waves push us around.  I got totally burned because I'm not a huge sunscreen believer, but it will turn into a tan in the next couple days. 

Early evening brought time for my 5 miler.  Faster than the morning, (8:03 pace) but still relaxed.  Then, cocktails and skiing (the best way to ski is after 1 drink IMO) and a late dinner.  Now, just chillin.  Good up north day!

Tomorrow= some serious running with a road trip in between!  My mom and I are doing a random road trip to some small northern Michigan towns.  Should be randomness and good times as is the case when my mom and I are together!  Plus, brunch out and probably some ice cream in there too- can't beat it.

I'm out... peace!

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  1. Sounds like you and your mom have great times together. My mom is the one who loves to ramble, so I find myself leaving the room because I can't handle it anymore. Lol. She's getting old, though, so I have a feeling it's only going to get worse! Old people LOVE to talk. Haha.