Friday, July 23, 2010

79- humidity x 1000

Today was a record level of humidity in Southeast Michigan.  Ohhh man.  I seriously thought I was going to die running at 2:30pm after work.  I was supposed to do 11 miles, but I ended up running a new route and ending up at the Bakery at 10 miles, and honestly my pace had dropped to such an extent that I was questioning the effectiveness of teh run in general.  So, I stopped.  Tomorrow I have a very short run planned, as Saturdays' are normally my easy day, so I'm just going to tack on an extra mile then.  Anddd, I'm racing on Sunday.  Which we'll see about...It was just so gross that I literally could 'ring' my drifit shirt out of sweat after 4 miles...ewww.  It felt like someone was breathing hot air on me the whole time.  Yeah, y'all know how it is.  I'm just glad to have that run behind me....

Now I'm a the coffee shop and it is pouring.  I'm glad that it is only 5:30pm and I don't have anything else to do tonite...besides prepping my classes...which I'm avoiding...I don't even have to pack because I am not going up north until Sunday (my race is halfway up, so it makes more sense.  Good times.

In un-running related news...I got a good offer from the bakery today.  The person who normally takes our product to a huge farmers market downtown on Saturdays can't do it anymore.  So my boss offered me the position!  This is cool because a) I love doing farmers' markets (ie talking with people about our products and selling them! b) This will replace my normal shift of 6am-2pm on Satudays and be more fun then doing prep work all day, and give me more hours because the market means an 11 hour workday and c) 'more responsibility =  more money' = I GET A RAISE! :)  Alll good.  I love my boss and the bakery.  So. Pumped.

And I'm off! Have a good Friday everyone!  I gotta scronge in my purse for spare change to use to buy the little chocolates that they have sitting by the register here...

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  1. great news on the bakery job! definitely sounds like it'll be fun! and ugh to the humidity. new england is going through a time where the temps are a bit cooler but the humidity is killer. hopefully the air dries out for both of us soon!