Friday, July 30, 2010

72- 85 degree cold front

You know it has been an amazingly hot and lovely summer, when you get excited about running in the 'cool' 85 degree temps at 2pm.  Yep, I did. 

11 miler immediately following the bakery shift.  I did my normal 8 mile route from the bakery, but added some distance downtown and such.  It went really well, except for the last mile when I started feeling pretty dehydrated.  8:13 pace overall, so decent enough.  That is the bad part about the bakery- I generally drink 2 cups of coffee and nothing else.  Yeah, bad call.  I still finished the run pretty strong and it was nice to just have one run to do because I've been doing doubles Monday-Thursday lately.  And all dehydration can be fixed by XL fountain diet coke from McD's.....

Other than that, I'm pretty pumped for tomorrowas it is my first day at the market downtown.  Well, technically my second since I did it in the spring, but my first of 'taking over.'  I'm going down there with the guy who's been doing it so he can show me the ropes before I start alone.  Should be a nice change of pace, although it will be a long day.  Gotta be at the bakery, ready to go at 5:30am.....ugggghhh

The granola bar I bought up north isn't gluten free. :(
It is pay day! :)

Happy weekend all!

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  1. the overnight low last night was in the upper 50s. i actually had to get another blanket. which made my run this afternoon glorious as well.

    why is michigan so far away?! haha