Tuesday, July 27, 2010

75- a "me" day

Do you know when you are asked (during an icebreaker or essay question or something) what your idea of a perfect day is?  And most people have some extravagent answer involving being on a tropical island or traveling somewhere exotic or meeting a rockstar or something?  Well, mine is none of those.  Instead, it would very closely resemble today.

Allow me to explain...

First, sleep.  Although sleeping in in the summer is a gamble running-wise in terms of temperature, it was a gamble I took today.  I am a person who needs alot of sleep so I took today to 'catch up.'  So good.  After a relaxed morning, I drove into the 'city' to run.  It was a perfectly sunny and hot day- just the way I like it.  I ran a new route through the 'city' and around a lake there, resulting in me getting lost and making it an 11 miler, rather than 10 miles at 8:06 pace.  The scenery and people watching were great and it was so nice to run somewhere different.  Since I parked at the beach (of course) I swam immediately after which felt amazing.  As well as getting a huge ass fountain diet coke from the gas station. yup, today I indulged in all my guilty pleasures...

Then, it was on to my favorite organic/hippy/coop cafe for lunch and prep work.  Now, let me be clear that doing 'work' isn't necessarily part of my ideal day, however feeling accomplished and getting ready for the school year is a good feeling.  More importantly, upon ordering my sandwich for lunch, the cashier informed me that they didn't have their normal hommade gluten free bread, and would have to put in on another kind.  This was sad because their bread is so delicious and the sandwich is pricy so I wanted my money's worth!  No worries though.  Because this was MY day, the sandwich girl obviously was able to read my mind and made me TWO sandwiches, because she said the bread was 'smaller.'  Don't even worry about it- I ate them both.  TOTALLY got my money's worth!

Prep work + iced coffee + getting hit on my an old man......yeah that was weird.....

And it was off to my favorite market in town for their delicious Turkey Jerky.  Mmm hmm, I saved that puppy for tomorrow.....

I decided to take the 'scenic route' back home along the water.  It is a beautiful drive- the bay on one side, vineyards and cherry orchards on the other.  Along the way, I found a road-side beach park.  Since I needed to get in an easy 5 mile evening run, and I am a woman of crazy spontaneity, I pulled into it and changed into running clothes again (new ones, don't worry, I never travel without several running outfits!).  I knew the area loosely enough and set out on a loop.  I got alittle lost, and ended up running a bit extra, but it was all good.  The bad part about running randomly in Northern Michigan is you have no idea about the topography.  In this evenings' case, it was a VERY hilly route.  I just kept repeating the quote "hills are speedwork in disguise" in my head, and before I knew it I was back at my car with a 7:58 pace to boot!  Swim #2 followed, this time with lots of jumping in the waves because no one was around so it was ok to act crazy....who am I kidding, I would have done that nomatter what!  Glorious.

Then, I headed home with the windows down!  And here I am, reading blogs/blogging.  The only thing that would make today more perfect is if I had some frozen yogurt for dinner.  Oh wait!  I'm going to have that in about 5 minutes! ;)  What did I tell you- today was 'my' day!

Ok, that was waaay too long, so here's the recap of my 'perfect day':
- 16 miles of running in two places I dont' usually run
- swimming x2
- 2 sandwiches for the price of one at lunch
- iced coffee and accomplishing prep work
- frozen yogurt to come verrrry soon (+ chillin with my cat!)

Hope everyone's day was as 'ideal' as mine! :)

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  1. glad you got to have a perfect day! i don't even know how i'd describe a perfect day. one with no studying? haha