Thursday, July 15, 2010

87- brrrr...

I'm sitting here at a coffee shop freezing right now, although it was 90+ degrees during my evening run.  Why you ask?  Because I'm soaking wet after running in a hail/thunder/lightning storm!  It was crazy.  Hot alll day, then the skies got completely dark 5 minutes before 6pm and it started POURING.  We debated waiting it out, but then decided to be hard core and head out in it.  It seriously hurt and people kept honking, pointing, and staring.  Mike and I agreed that it was the hardest rain that we have ever run in.  Unfortunately, this made it impossible to do our planned tempo.  Our usual loop is a dirt road loop that would have been underwater.  Instead, we did 7  miles at 7:58 pace which was fine considering the conditions.  I've been feeling totally wiped out today, so I was fine with that.  I don't know if my body is still recovering from all the blood loss of yesterday, or the shock of early wakeup, but I'm seriously dragging.  And my appetite is all but gone.  Totally weird for me.

This morning, I had a much less eventful 5 miler around the deserted 4am streets.  Lots of drama at the bakery today too.  Always keeps things interesting!

Time to bounce to get ready to do it all over again.  Tomorrow I have nothing 'scheduled' besides working from 6am-2pm (and my runs of course, but they are both on my own time) so I'm feeling a bit more relaxed.  Plus, it will give me time to clean my apartment and pack to head back up north Saturday.  See, if I stated that I'm going to clean on the blog, maybe I'll actually do it?!?!

We'll see....

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