Monday, July 12, 2010

90- recovery-tastic

Good evening!

Today was a lovely day for recovery runs.  My legs felt better today than they ever have post-20 miler which I contribute to hydrating better on the run and wearing my recovery socks to bed even though they were super hot! 

On the schedule for today's recovery was a 6 mile morning, and a 5 mile afternoon run.  Both felt good.  Ran the morning half alone and half with my mom.  Then went for a nice swim.  In the afternoon I went into the "city" to do my second run along the bay.  It was SUPER windy and the waves were white-capping, but I love running along the water.  Plus, the people watching was great today- lots of characters out there.  I also felt very energetic running 7:38 pace, with my last mile at 7:22.  Although I am trying to do slower recovery runs, I also don't want to forget what MP-ish feels like.  So my stipulation to myself when I feel my body going faster at the beginning of a run is that I need to finish it as fast or faster.  None of this going out hard and dying stuff that I do so well!  Even on a short run!  I parked at a public beach and jumped into the Bay immdiatly post-run.  Which was amazing, playing in the waves and wind and all.  Until I lost my headband, which was sad because I have an unhealthy attachment to inanimate yeah.

Now I'm just getting packed up and ready to head back downstate for the work week.  I have to make a stop at my parents' downstate house tomorrow night, then back to my place for a few days of early mornings + bakery shifts.  But that also means running with friends! :) And I love my apartment, so its all good.  I just wish summer wasn't going by so darn fast!

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