Sunday, July 4, 2010

98- yeah, that was a bad idea

So amongst my tired-ness and freaking out last night, I decided to 'screw it' to getting up early and running, and just do it later/post ski.  As it turned out, there was so ski because it was crazy-windy even from sunrise here.  And, because I'm a nice daughter/sister/sister-in-law, I instead made french toast for them for b-fast with bread from the bakery.  It stinks to work at a great bakery and be gluten free!  So, it was cereal for my b-fast.....

So, I headed out the door for my 'long run' (aka 16 miles so not too long) at 10:30am.  Yeah.  It. was. hot.  And I love the hot, but the sun+ heat+ wind was intense.  I planned to run a long route into a neighboring town where my mom would pick me up (a nd get groceries.)  I ran the first 2 miles with my mom and pop, then they turned back.  About a half mile later I ran (literally) into my friend who was also on a run and we ran a couple miles together.  At this point all was good.  About 8 miles in was when I started feeling the heat.  I was over an hour into running and was thirsty.  I ran a half mile out of my way down to a beach to get water.  Let me tell you, I am a germ freak and I spent lots of time drinking out of a drinking fountain there which I haven't done in YEARS.  Desperate times......

As it turned out though, I'm pretty sure this helped me alot.  My pace picked back up and I was able to complete the 16 miles.  That is the good part about a point-to-point run- you have to get there somehow!  The rest of my day was spent drinking, shopping with my mom and sis, hanging out with my friend at her place, cooking out, and boating.  Now, I am wanted down by the bonfire.  People on our lake do a good job with fireworks so I'm off to watch the 'show!'  Happy 4th everyone! :)

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  1. glad you were able to finish the run. i hate it when i get thirsty on a run. it starts to consume all my thoughts!