Wednesday, July 21, 2010

81- back at it

Quicky tonite, because its been a long day and I still need to drive an hour back from my parents' house to my place. 

This morning was fun though.  15 mile mid-week mid-long run.  The run went better than expected.  I started off sluggish and slow and finished stonger, which as I've mentioned...never happens.  I did a couple of miles of it with my mom, and then she met me in town (after a swim in Lake Michigan and a quick change) we walked around the Art Fair.  We got cool $5 necklaces and I got a rug for my kitchen.  Then, it was back home to pack up for me.  I made the trek back downstate to pick up my car and return my rental.  I had to stop by my parents' house too, because my dad accidentally took my phone Tuesday morning when he left.  Since it was 5:30 and I didn't want to sit on the freeway in traffic, I did my shakeout 5 miler around here.  The legs were tired, but OK.  Now I'm all ready to head back to my place and the traffic should be clear.  Tomorrow, back at the bakery for an early morning.

In summary:
20 mile day
back to no internet once I'm at my apartment
Bakery tomorrow
I miss up north already!


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