Tuesday, July 13, 2010

89- the two day rule

I mentioned before that after skiing and stuff these days, I am actually more sore 2 days after the activity.  Well, I'm pretty sure that applies to running too.  Yesterday I felt great....today, not so much....

I set out for my 'medium-long' mid-week run of 13 miles this morning.  It felt almost "chilly" out, although that basically just meant that I wasn't sweating just walking outside, which was nice.  Although this run was scheduled for tomorrow, I decided to flip-flop days because I'm having a physical tomorrow at noon which means no eating or drinking besides water beforehand.  So the thought of a 13 miler with no food before and/or after was rough.  Plus, I don't want to go to the appointment totally dehydrated because they have to take blood.  But I digress....

So 13 miles today it was.  I planned to do a loop around our lake (8 miles) then a loop with my mom on our "hill" route (5 miles) named for the 1 mile intense hill that one must tackle at the start of the run.  Honestly, my legs were tired from the start.  There was only about a one mile period around 5 miles in where they actually felt good.  I managed to keep the pace decent, but there were no sub-8 miles in today's run.  The loop with my mom was good though.  I never tackle that loop in the middle of a run because of the uphill, but having my mom with me made it OK.  I'm so fortunate to have that time to be with her and my mom is a pretty bad ass runner!  Anyway, I completed the run, jumped in the lake, and jumped in the car to drive downstate. 

I'm now at my parents' house chillin with my dad.  My physical is around here + I needed to drop my car at the shop around here, so I'm staying for the night.  I've actually been *semi* productive this evening planning my Physics curriculum for next year.  Last year, I sort of flew by the seat of my pants at times with teaching (it was my first year, afterall) so I'm trying to really go through everything and make it better.  I want to be really solid going into the school year, which unfortunately requires some summer prep work.

Tomorrow = easy run in morning, physical, driving back to my place, and an evening run with Mike.  Sounds good to me!

Off to enjoy the true glory of the town I grew up in.....TCBY for dinner!

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