Friday, July 2, 2010

100- my lack of internet is getting old...

It's deja vu here!  I'm sitting at a (different) panera, immediately post-run, blogging and checking email.  My stupid bootleg internet is still MIA.  Atleast today it is earlier.

My today was much like my yesterday, so I'll spare y'all the boring details.  4am 5 miler.  Oddly I woke up a few times last night *excited* to get up early and run.  I'm usually OK with running then, but I wouldn't describe my feelings as 'excited' by any extent.  I think I am becoming more addicted to these runs!  It was a tiny bit faster than yesterday, but not much.  My legs were stiff from the tempo. 

Work was uneventful besides the fact that it was payday!  That always makes for a good day! ;)

I had a quick appointment right after work and I could feel my motivation declining for run #2.  It is in the high 80s here and sunny, which is beautiful weather, but I was feeling sleepy and stressed about packing and getting all ready to go back upnorth.  What is my solution to make sure I get my run in?  Pull into nearest parking lot and GO.  So that is what I did.  I gave myself permission to go as slow as possible because a) my legs felt tired and b) I'm trying to run slower these days on my easy days.  Well, it turned out that my legs felt pretty darn good!  I ended up running 6 miles @ 7:42 pace with the last mile @7:22.  I didn't NEED to do this today, but I didn't want to fight it either.  I'm hoping that I'm pushing through the wall of increased training and coming out the other side.

Ok, now I really do need to go!  I gotta get home and get ready for up north tomorrow!  I gotta run pre-work again so I can leave right at 2pm from work and hopefully get up north for dinner (and perhaps a ski??)  We shall see....


  1. have FUN! i love the "just GO" attitude :) woot

  2. Yay for waterskiing!!! :D