Saturday, July 3, 2010

99- Long day and 1st ski!

Ok, this is going to be short for realz because I am so.  tired.

I awoke at 3:30am for an 8 miler.  It was slow because my stomach was hurting from rushing out the door so soon.  But, I did feel hard core having a decent length run pre-5am.  Work 6-2, then drove up north.  Up north by 6pm.  By this point I was really tied, wanted food and was cranky!  My whole family was here already and it was beautiful out, but I think my tiredness of the last few days from run-work-run was making me feel out of sorts.  Honestly, I just wanted to sleep.  After dinner, the lake was really rough, but the boat was uncovered as my family had been boating later.  A ski was suggested and I am powerless to resist!  Actually, I was really nervous because it was the first ski of the year for me and I always doubt my ability. But alas, out we went!

My dad went first, did well even over rough waters, then it was me!  And it was great.  It felt soooo good to be out on the water, despite my tiredness.  And, now the first one is out of the way, so I'll be ready to hit it hard tomorrow!  Although I will be sore.....

Ok, bed time.  I actually have to get up early tomorrow to run my long run so that we can ski when the water is still flat!  Although early is relative these days......

I'm out.  Happy weekend!

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  1. 330?! jeez. you are a bamf. and ski?! so much fun! gahhh i wish i lived closer so we can train AND have fun on the water hahah