Wednesday, July 7, 2010

95- my new favorite part of the day

As ghetto-tastic as it is not having internet at my apartment lately, I think I'm creating a new favorite part of the day in my evening coffee-shop internet-mooching time.  The coffee shops around here are way more quiet than during the school year and I love being done with my runs, and just chillin in the air conditioning drinking iced coffee and blog reading.  Good times.

Speaking of good times, I had some good times running today.  Starting with a 6 miler at 4am.  The combo of it being early/dark/not eating or drinking beforehand seems to pretty much kill my pace, but I'm not too worried because right now it is about getting my milage up.  So, I ran nice and slow around the dark streets.  I just love getting back to my apartment before 5am with a run already in!  Makes me feel bad ass.

Speaking of bad ass, my second run of the day was just that.  I needed to get another 8 miles in and had alot of stuff to do this afternoon/evening.  Heat advisory?  Ha!  I decided to brave it and head out at 2pm- the minute I got off work and do my hilly bakeshop-> downtown and back route.  The temp read 96 degrees, so I decided just to take it slow and stop to by a Powerade Zero halfway through.  The thing that made me feel the most bad ass is the fact that I only saw one other runner.  Mind you, I live in a college town that is very active and normally on campus it is like a roadrace there is so many runners.  Is it wrong that this added to my satisfaction?  Further adding to my satisfaction is the fact that I kept an 8:05 min/mile pace despite just getting off of working on my feet all day + the heat.  I'm not gonna lie, it was hard, but I felt strong inside.  I'm hoping my fitness is increasing afterall.  Jumping in the pool at my apartment after was the icing on the cake!

Ok, that's all I got.  Gotta regroup and get ready to do it all again tomorrow....

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  1. cafe internet mooching time is pretty spectacular. as is your second run. badass indeed!