Thursday, July 22, 2010

80- mmm, coffee shop internet!

Hello blog world!

Back at the coffee shop for an evening blog/email/read blog session.  Today was quite a day.  Not everything went as planned, but I got it all done.

Starting with the bakery at 6am.

I didn't run pre-work because I was supposed to do a 5/6 split today, but planned to do 8 with Mike tonite at Run Club.  So, I thought I'd just squeeze in the miles pre-Mike because today was a 'recovery' day anyway.  Besides, I wanted my legs to have a bit extra rest after bigger milage yesterday.  Anyway....

I was dreading work, but it actually went by fast.  Lots to do on Thursdays and this week is especially crazy because this huge Art Fair is in town (seriously, it is a huge deal.)  Since our bakery is "kind of a big deal" it really increases our business.  Ie: I end up making 100x more sandwiches then usual which increases my prep work for the next day and so on.  But I digress.....

Once I got home ~3pm, things got more messed up.  I was starving (perhaps because I didn't eat enough yesterday with all my traveling and such for the milage) so I ate a big snack.  I've gotten much better about heading out after eating, so I headed out for my short run.  I ran up to CVS to get a battery I needed and ran home for a quick 4 miler.  Then, I had about 30 minutes before leaving for run club and I started feeling HORRIBLE.  Nauseous and plain gross.  I felt fine running, so it was weird that perhaps the snack was effecting me so much later?  On top of everything there was a tornado warning and my run club meets about 25 minutes from my apartment.  Sooo, change of plans.  I ended up going back to sleep from 5:30-6:30pm.  I felt *alittle* better upon waking and it was raining and there was 'only' a tornado watch.  I knew it was then or never for me to head out- so I did.  8 miles.  No ipod.  No Mike.  Just me.  And the rain.  And it was good.

On a semi unrelated tangent, I planned the route to go by my freshman dorm on campus.  I won't to into details, but my freshman year of college wasn't a good year for me.  Infact, it was horrible.  I have lots of less-than-great memories of that dorm and that time in general, so I've literally never gone back since.  Today, I ran there.  It was deserted and I just stood for a second in the rain.  I tried to remember.  But the cool thing was, I barely can remember that year and the person I was.  I have changed so much in the last 5+ years that I can barely relate to the scared, lonely, sad girl I was then.  Because now I feel like I am flourishing so much and enjoying life.  Enjoying being an adult and my life and the possibilites.  And it's all so exciting.  A total 180 from those days of the past.  So I turned and ran away.  It is in my past.  And I felt proud of the person I have become.

Wow, that was random and kinda heavy for this running blog!  Anyway, I got my 12 miles in and now I'm doing my coffee shop thing before turning in for the night.  Life is good.

Have a great day everyone! :)  

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  1. it's so awesome when we get to have those "holy moly i've changed so much" moments! i've definitely been having some of those too as i get settled into "real life"!!

    great job on the miles and i am in awe that you can eat then run. i think i would be a hot mess if i tried that haha