Tuesday, July 20, 2010

82- one of the best days of the summer. period.

Today was just that- one of the best days yet.

It all began with an around the lake run of 10 miles at 7:55 pace.  Felt good, except for being drenched in sweat when I finished and it was only 8:45!  But don't worry, the day only got better...

It is difficult for me to explain, but my mom and I road trip every year to a nearby small town about 2 hours away because it is a totally random town and fun to shop and such.  This year, we also added another town to our tour on the way.  We make a day of it by stopping for brunch first, and just driving and enjoying the day together with lots of stops.  And today was just perfect start to finish.  From a delicious meal, to random shopping (I won't bore everyone with all the details but lets just say it included a plate for me shaped like an avocado- oh yes, that's how we roll!) to eating ice cream in the car, to deep conversations, to silly jokes.  It was all good.  From one-of-a-kind shops, to farmstands, to the mall on the way home - we really hit it all.  And it felt so good.  My mom and I are close and I feel fortunate for that. 

On the way home, after a long day it was almost 8pm and I still had to do my 5 miler for the night.  So, in typical Tmart fashion, I simply pulled over on the side of the road 5 miles from our house, grabbed my clothes/shoes from the backseat, and started running.  I knew it would be hilly, but it turned into a glorious running, hitting 7:31 pace without hurting *too* bad, and the last mile in 7:05 (finally downhill then, lol).  When I got home, the day was capped off with a delicious dinner my mom had prepared that we enjoyed on the deck.  Perfection.  It was the type of day that you want to hold onto and remember when days are not so perfect.  Or runs not so effortless.  Yes indeed.

Tomorrow, I have a long day of driving.  I have to tack on some time to go turn in my rental and pick up my car that has been in the shop from my parents' home town.  Then drive back to my place and get ready to work bright and early on Thursday.  Let the good times roll.

Hope everyone else had great days!

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