Saturday, July 10, 2010

92- tempo-race, and the flat lake is mocking me!

I'm writing right now, because I'm looking at the lake and it is sooo flat!  Which normally would be amazing for skiing but I'm waaay past sore and there is no possible way I could hit it tonite.  Buzz Kill.

As expected, I woke up extremely sore from skiing last night, in combo with my running + working from the week that my body hasn't quite adjusted to.  I think if I hadn't already paid my race entry, I may have *gasp* even considered skipping this morning's race because I was so tired and knew I wasn't capable/going for a PR.  But alas. do you ever regret a run??

The course for this race is flat, except for a huuuge 1 mile hill halfway through the race.  Intense it is.  I decided to run at my MP for the run, which turned out to be 7:29ish because I had to compensate for the slowness of the hill.  Have I mentioned that I'm a horrible hill runner?  Because I am.  As a tall person with super-long legs, my strength is my stride and hills break that, throwing me off.  Anyway, the race started at 8:15 which was much too late/too hot.  Other than my sore/tired legs and back I felt pretty good.  It went by fast and my aerobics felt really 'on.'  I ended up finishing in 70 minutes, which is much slower than my PR there of 63:something, but that's OK because today wasn't a PR day.  Tomorrow, I tackle the long run.....

I got in a quick nap, and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with my friend.  My dad is preparing for a Triathalon in the morning, which is another reason we are not heading out with a ski.  I'm hoping after some rest, my body will be ready for a LR in the morning but honestly, I don't know.  I'm going to try to not make last week's mistake and get up and get going earlier, but who knows if it will actually happen because I need to catch up on sleep so badly!

Hope everyone had a great day! :)

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  1. funny that you mention your leg length as a hindrance on the hills. i like to charge up them and i have pretty long legs too. maybe i just try to overcompensate. oh well it all works out.

    and LR after a race? beastly!