Friday, April 30, 2010

29- busy friday, busier weekend

Whew, today was a busy day!

Kept my running day to one, singular 7 mile run @7:48pace.  I had to squeeze it in between my morning short (6am-10am) shift at the bakery, and a 12 noon docs appointment I had before rushing off to teach.  I'm really glad I did though, because after work, I had to drive home to my parents' house for a cat-sitting weekend.  Anddd, it was 80 degrees when I was running at 10:30, which was amazing!  Especially chugging a Blue Powerade Zero (aka crack) after in less than a minute.  Yum....

Honestly, my legs felt pretty tired today.  I'm happy with the fact that I am pushing through these runs.  I'm getting nervous about Sunday, because I have a 20 miler planned and I really NEED it to be quality.  As for tomorrow, it will be another easy day.  Unfortunately I have to get up at 4am to make it to the bakery from here by 6am.  And, I'll have to run afterward, as well as drive the hour back.  Buzz kill #2 is the fact that I have to work Sunday as well.  Weekend = non existant.  It's all good though, because my parents' comp me with food $$ (which is the easiest way to win me over!) and our cat is a cutey. 

Ok, I'm off.  I have a feeling I'll be in bed soon after my 4:45am wakeup this morning, and in anticipation of my 4am wakeup tomorrow.  Yeah, exciting stuff on a Friday night!

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  1. yeah powerade zero is pretty much crack. anytime i open one it's gone within 10 seconds. i chug those suckers down haha