Friday, April 16, 2010

3- Let's do this thing.

Happy Friday!

It feels soooo good to have the workweek done!  And, for me it is extra special because my normally one-day weekend (Sunday), is officially a 3 day weekend- woo hoo!

I feel much more calm/excited today than the jittery/nerves of the past few days.  My main worry is that I'll start running and my legs will feel like lead (ie how my runs have felt the past few days).  I remember last year being a few miles in and knowing my legs didn't have it in them.  I knew I could finish, but it wouldn't be pretty.  And I did.  But it wasn't.  I just really mentally need to fall into pace the first mile and just feel GOOD and cruise.  That is my goal.  And going out slow(er) = other goal.  We'll see if they happen.

Today was pretty busy.  Quick morning shift at the bakery (6am-10am).  Squeezed in a short run @ 7:50 pace, and a short swim to reset everything.  Then, I had to rush off to teach.  Hit up the bank on the way home so I could have some money to blow in Beantown, and the grocery for portable snacks.  Thennn, I did the best thing ever and came home and cleaned my apartment.  It is now sparkling and smelling fresh and there are no long piles of clothes intermixed on the floor.  Good times.  Tomorrow morning I will pack because I'm waiting on laundry and such right now.  Our flight leaves in the afternoon so we aren't even heading the the airport until 11:30am.  And I'm not running tomorrow (gasp!) so I'll have plenty of time.  It will feel good actually just to sleep in, pack leisurely, and drink coffee all morning.  Not gonna lie, kinda pumped for that.  Plus, my parents may stop by my apartment this weekend when I'm gone with 'my' couch from up north that they are giving me.  Sooooo happy to get off of the futon- it would be amazing to come home to a couch here!  Another reason why I had to make sure my apartment was clean ;)

In other news, I got a card from my sis today in the mail with my tatoos on it.  Her and my brother and law are my first marathon supporters (they live in Chicago and Chicago was where I ran my first two marathons.)  I consider them my 'pit crew.'  My sis is also an amazing photographer, so I never have to worry about ordering pics from a race she attends!  Basically in the past, she has drawn and written on my for races she is at (on my arms = motivation during the race)  Last year, she tried to send my tattoos in lue of this, but they didn't arrive until post-Boston (so I wore them for Bayshore.)  I was so happy that she sent me some and they got here this year!  I can't wait to wear them.  They are animal representation of our family.  So I will have all that power during the race.  I also got a cute card + $$ from my mom today, wishing me luck.  Both cards actually just capped off my feelings of pumped-ness and ready-ness. 

I will post tomorrow before I leave, as this is getting lengthy and I want one more time to mentally put my thoughts 'out there.'  If you have good running vibes out there, please send them my way!  I probably won't be able to check my computer after tomorrow morning, and I can use all the help I can get!

Happy Weekend! :)

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  1. that's soooo cool your sis designed some tattoos for you! i wish i had thought of that!

    have a safe flight tomorrow, and obviously good running vibes are being sent your way. i'd appreciate the same ;)