Sunday, April 4, 2010

15- Happy Easter! And long-ish run fun!

Happy Easter everyone!

Today has been a great day- busy, but chilled-busy.  My parents are on a cleaning warpath that I am caught up in whenever I come home.  I'm happy to help, but it is hard because I am still trying/spending so much time getting my own new apartment unpacked/organized that it is the last thing I want to do when I come to their house!  Plus, I now have my crappy twin bed here (and my lovely plush queen at my own place), so coming to their house loses alittle appeal!  Andd, I've done zero prep work on this 'break' so I gotta get on that!  Need to teach those kiddos something!

I must say though, today was a good, enjoyable, went-by-really-quick long run!  Unfortunatly, I couldn't get my 12 hours of sleep in because of needing to run before church.  Anddd, I didn't give myself enough time as it was so it was a 15 miler today (hense the long'ish' run).  But, it was a nice one!  Here's the breakdown:

8 miles in 1:00:04 (7:30.5 pace)
3 miles w/ my mom (8:50 pace)
4 more miles: 7:46, 7:36, 7:26, 7:26

TOTAL: 15 miles @ 7:46 pace

I was pleased with this because if I would have taken out the miles I ran with my mom, it would have been closer to 7:35 pace (just a hair over my MP).  But, to me it is WAYYY more important to get the chance to run with my mom than worry over pacing too much.  I'm fairly confident that I could have maintained the same pace throughout though, and even with the slower 3 miles, it was still my fastest long run.  The other good point was the fact that I picked the pace back up after dropping off my mom.  I am so bad at speeding up, ususally once I slow down I never get my pace back.  Today showed me that I could and my body actually did so fairly naturally.  Recovery was non existant too, as in I wish I could have run more later today because my legs felt so un-tired.  But, I was too busy cleaning and eating!  No regrets there though. 

Ok, I'm rambling.  I'm off to enjoy some family time and maybe do some work!?!?!  Yeah, that's a nice though!  I do think some chocolate pudding is in my future though......

Have a lovely evening everyone!  Happy Easter!

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