Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Oh man, today has been a good day.  Filled with all of my favorite things in life; running, food, family, shopping, and now finally relaxing at my parents' house with my mom.  The half marathon this morning was INTENSE!  I can't believe I ran an ultra (50K) on the same trail last fall.  There is literally not a single flat stretch on the trail.  It was actually really fun though, I saw a guy that I ran with last summer up north and got to chat with him, as well as meet lots more cool runners on the trail.  The atmosphere of these 'trail types' is so different than road races.  Lots more chatting and conversation, and alot less spandex and aloofness.  Like I've mentioned before, I love roads and am not much of a trail person overall, but at the same time I appreciate the 'zen like' attitude of lots of these runners.  When I was talking to one guy about Boston and Bayshore (my upcoming marathon), he asked where Bayshore was and I told him Northern Michigan and that it was a great course and blah blah.  He turned to me and said simply "I don't run many road marathons, only trails; much more interesting!"  I laughed in my head because although that is probably true, I never would have thought of it that way!  Different strokes for different fokes!  Anyway, I ended up running about a 9min pace and finishing around 2 hours which I was pleased with for my last 'easy' day and the difficulty of the trail.  I literally ran to my car to rush home and change for brunch!  It was so. good.  Seeing my sis and bro-in-law wasn't bad either ;).  They left to drive back to Chicago (after seeing my new place ;), my pops drove up north and my mom and I braved the crowds of IKEA.  It was pretty nuts, but we did get some good ideas atleast.  Drove an hour back to my parents' house and here I am, blogging on my NEW PINK laptop!  (ie B-day present from my parents)  I ordered the laptop a few weeks ago through my dad's work figuring I would just pay him the $$ when it came in.  Amazingly, my parents' decided to give it to me as my b-day present which was so great.  Now I have a 'portable' laptop back, after mine died a few weeks ago.  Life is good.

So the plan is this, since I know I've bored y'all already with my post: Tomorrow I start back in on my "official" training.  I've been rereading "Advanced Marathoning" (aka my running bible) so tomorrow I will unvail my training stuff.  Then, Tuesday I can do a quick Boston recap.  Sound good?  For now, I'm off to enjoy the tail end of my b-day while rolling all of those trail-hills out of my tired quads!

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  1. yay happy birthday! what a great day you had :) nice job on the half