Friday, April 2, 2010

17- Good, Good Friday

Good evening!
Going to make this quick because I'm on a role cleaning my apartment and don't want to interrupt it!

Let me tell you- 4:45am felt SO EARLY this morning.  I promised myself I would nap post-work and probably take a rest day.  My quads were tired from hills yesterday and overall I just felt wiped from the week. 

Work was busy of course, but not too bad.  The shift really drug on though and I was so ready to leave by the time 2pm rolled around.  I knew I had a million and one things to do tonite to get ready to go home to my parents' after work tomorrow and I've hardly touched my to-do list for the week because of all of my working + working out.  Buttt, the only thing on my mind was a nap.  I ended up talking to my mom on the way home + about 4 more time after so I only laid down for 30 minutes or so.  That is when I decided to go in the opposite direction- if a nap wasn't resting me, a run would!  I knew that I would still be fighting gail force 4:30pm winds, but I just decided to head out on a new route and take it as easy as I could, as my legs were feeling fatigued still (don't know if it is work, running, or I'm just being a wimp!)  Anyway, I love running in 80 degree weather in a tank top and shorts- the hotter the better!  I ended up on a new loop that was really nice (except for the 2.5 miles straight into the wind!)  Funny story: I was running through this farm/industrial place/pizza headquarters at this point and for some reason they have 23 American flags (yes, I counted) really high up.  I could see them all from really far away, blowing right in my face- mocking me!  Ha, it was intense!  Long story short, the run was good, short, sweet and relaxed, and really energized me!  I got 7 miles in at 7:31 pace.  Chatted with my sis on my porch (I love my new apartment!) and got cracking on cleaning.  All good.

Tomorrow is crazy because I got an 'offer' from my boss to work a farmers' market with him in Detroit (we sell the stuff from the bakery).  Soooo, we are meeting at 5am at the shop, and it will be a 5am-5pm day.  Good news = overtime.  Bad news = 3:45am alarm.  Probably will take a rest day tomorrow as it has been exactly 3 weeks, which I like. 

Alrighty, I'm off to pack and finish up cleaning!  Happy Friday!

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  1. relaxed = 730. hahah. that's my tempo pace girl. i bet all three factors are contributing to your fatigue, you live such a busy life and are constantly on your feet. and yet you still pull out miles that i dream of hitting :)